Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Kiwi Brevet by GPS?

Disclaimer: Any co-relation between red-circles and left turns, or green-circles and right turns with the cue sheet for Kiwi Brevet are entirely coincidental. The completeness and accuracy of this data is unverified – do not depend on it and also carry the relevant maps and cue sheets supplied by Simon Kennet and the Kiwi Brevet organisers.


This file is the result of converting the source .kml to .gpx with GPSBabel, which had some sectors out of order that I stitched back together with a text editor. Note: you should depend on GPS data created by some random dude that you have never met, that is still finding the most efficient ways of doing things.


Elevation data was added via an online service (so waypoints re-calibrate the barometric pressure in my Etrex30)

Waypoints were added in Memory Map and the final output was massaged in Basecamp before loading onto my GPS. There must be easier of ways of doing all of this… I’ll find one in the future no doubt.



  • Many of the mountain passes and hill saddles on the route have waypoints marked with a “mountain” icon.
  • Left turns are marked with a solid red circle icon.
  • Right turns are marked with a solid green circle icon.
  • Straight-ahead directions are marked with a solid blue circle icon.
  • Where a direction is a compass bearing it is marked with solid purple circle icon.
  • Call-in locations are marked with a telephone icon.
  • Cycle lanes and the entrance to mountain bike trails are marked with a bicycle icon.
  • Some of towns and villages where cafe, food, dairy or service stations may be available are marked with dinner plate icon.


That said, if your GPS is different or the GPX file is not loaded via Garmin Basecamp software it is entirely possible you will get a completely different, or even randomly applied.



  • Left turns are prefixed the letter “L
  • Right turns are prefixed with the letter “R
  • Straight-ahead cues are prefixed with the letter “S”



I have not had time for proper QC of this data. If you see any errors or omissions please let me know so I can add them to the errata.



GPS is an additional navigational tool. It is best used to supplement other information from compass, maps, intuition, altimeters and cue sheets. You should make sure that your GPS is set to display locations using the “New Zealand TM” position format on your GPS to ensure GPS position information is compatible with grid references from NZTopo50 maps.






So this is why they call it mountain biking?






I hereby agree to use the information is this GPX file at my own risk and to advise the author of any errors or omissions I find via comments on this post, or a “tweet” to twitter.com/craigofnz.


If you need this file in an alternative format please try GPSBabel or http://www.gpsies.com or Google for many alternatives.


  1. Hi Craig, I trust you even though I don't know you! Thanks!
    Numbty question, how do I download the gpx file? I clicked on the I hereby agree link but it open a new tab full of txt.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks, Scott

  2. Hi Jo & Scott - try right-click, save as if your browser is not downloading it as a file.

    As a GPX file it should work with anything but every software has different icon schemas - so to get the icons described you may need to load it via Garmin Basecamp software (free).

    Depending how the GPS is setup it should beep at you and display the direction as you approach the waypoints.

  3. Hi Craig, perfect, thanks.
    I had to add the .gpx as it came up as a text file.
    Am using Basecamp and on the pc screen it shows as you say.
    Will try and upload it to my GPS now. I am also using an eTrex30.
    Thanks again.

  4. Hi again Craig, so it appears to have worked!
    It will be found in Track Manager, and it's called Kiwi Brevet 2012: Full route combine?
    It is it. Yahoo thanks!

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