Saturday, 4 September 2010

OTB ITT: “Surf to Summit” (Makara Beach to Johnsonville)

With a beautiful day to open the first Saturday of spring Frank kindly organised a time-trial from Makara Beach to Johnsonville.


Makara Beach to Johnsonville Elevation Profile

Ride Data:
Distance: 14.12km 861 Calories

35m 25s

23.9 km/h (46.6km/h MAX)

Elevation: Ascent: 274m Descent: 59m
Cadence: Avg: 91 rpm Max: 111 rpm
Heart rate: Avg: 86% est. max Max: 95% est. max
Ride Data: Garmin Connect / RideWithGPS
Location: Wellington, NZ 4 September 2010


Not being a strong climber and with a net ascent over the route I was a tad apprehensive about the distinct possibility of riding badly but registered for the ride anyway. 


While not a time to set the world on fire, with the benefit of competition I rode up to Johnsonville in 35m27s, a remarkable 8 minutes faster than my previously recorded training times over the same route.


We began our time-trials in reverse, seeded order which had me 7th out of 21 riders. Not sure whether complaints of net ascent aided my seeding or not. I started strongly into the wind and after a few kilometres began passing those that had started ahead of me. At 10km (of 14km) I was up to third on the road (if I counted correctly) but any possible thoughts of being of first being to the line soon evaporated as a succession riders whizzed straight pass me between the 11th and 12th kilometres.


Had a great afternoon and am looking forward to finding more improvement. Thanks again for organising the ride Frank :).


No doubt we’ll have more ITT’s over the same route. Have a target to beat to find the PB now. Now, if I only I can get riding up those hills a bit quicker…