Palmares & Achievements

The page catalogues some of the major outdoor events and recreational activities I have participated in. My personal philosophies and sources of enjoyment favour adventure over speed and as such completions of long and hard events are more likely than victories and placings. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it does reflect many of my personal highlights in the backcountry and outdoors.

 Cycling:  [Posts]

    • 4 - 160km "Solo" (1-lap) finishes (best time 4h58m in 2007)
    • 1 - 320km "Enduro" (2-laps) finish (2010)
    • 1 - 640km "Maxi Enduro" (4-laps) finish (2012)
    • 1 - 1280km "Exteme Enduro" (8-laps) finish  (2011 - 2nd overall)
    • Completed challenges: 7; 18 total laps completed, 14 of these have been during Enduro's..
    • Member of the Waihaha Enduro Cadence Club (>= 10 laps completed in Enduros)

    Tramping:  [Posts]

    • Epic Tramping Adventures
      • Nelson to Hokitika (33 days; 400km; 3 road crossings)
        • Nelson to St Arnaud via Richmond Alpine Route and Red Hills 
        • St Arnaud to Lewis Pass
        • Lewis Pass to Arthurs Pass via Harpers Pass
        • Three Passes
      • Five Passes
    • Tararuas  [Posts]
      • The Tararua Range, is my local mountain range or in other words, an extension of my backyard
      • Moonlight Southern Crossing
      • Ascended all 1500m (or 5000ft) peaks
      • Major crossings:
        • Southern Crossing
        • Northern Crossing
        • Renata Crossing
        • Bannister Crossing
    • Other well known tracks and routes
      • Rees-Dart Track
      • Wangapeka Track
      • Gillespie Pass Circuit
    • Other tramping related activities

    Other Outdoor Achievements:
    • Completed 21-Day Outward Bound "Classic" course in Scott Watch C423 y2k.
    • Six half-marathon finishes