Monday, 22 February 2016

Day -1: Tour Aotearoa - Kaitaia closed on Monday's?

Strava Heatmap

Driving is never as much fun as cycling. So not to say, this is a test post - been a while since my last blog post and seeking better way to update on the move.  A huge thanks to Dad for driving me up today and to the Orana Motor Lodge for having a good in-house restaurant.

The night before and Kaitaia is pretty much closed. May the pie warmers that await be full with tasty morsels.


Monday nights not a rocking time on Kaitaia's man street:

* Pub shut.
* Steak house closed.
* 2×Roast shops all shut up.
* Maccas and KFC ma be open but that does not constitute a town being "open".

I am doing Tour Aotearoa because:
Riding new places inspires me
Cycling the length of my own country "has to be done", because I am long distance cyclist.

Here is my Strava "heatmap" for rides in New Zealand before the start of the tour. Success on the tour will add lines to many new places that I have not ridden before.

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  1. Why are there no posts on years 2017 onwards? I mean, this blogs are great.


  2. Could there be any possible re-routing? Specially with today's present situation, I suspect the authority has closed some of it even more. Regards from our waste disposal help team

  3. You might need special tires made for sand before doing it though. Looks really fun and interesting.