Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Folding Bicycle Cults

With Russ and Laura from the Path Less Pedaled blog currently touring New Zealand on their Bromptons, I have for the first time become aware of the folding bicycle cults. While using Facebook to arrange a meeting with their readers one response asked "Can Bike Friday riders come?"

I found this odd, I had presumed all readers were welcome regardless of bicycle type. It was appearing there just might be a Brompton pride/envy among folder riders I know nothing about. When randonneuring I certainly have no need to feel like I must seek permission to bring my Trek. Previously I had never considered any cyclists to be tribal, and noted that most cyclists like all bicycles (but not necessary Bicycle Shaped Objects or BSO's). Can anyone can explain why foldable riders are far more brand tribal than all other cyclists?

It seems to go something like this:
A Bike Friday, a Brompton and a Dahon rolled into a bar.

The Brompton said "I'm the ultimate contortionist, I bet none of you can fold as compactly as I" and disappeared under the barstool.

The Bike Friday said, "So what I fold, unfold and go faster than any of you." and promptly disappeared into the sunset.

And the Dahon quipped, "as folders can change the world of transportation - providing we make sure the average person can afford one of us. Remember Henry Ford?

Note: I do not own or possess a folder of any brand. I am however very interested in seeing how the increasing popularity of foldables can make public transport more.convienient and car ownership less necessary. There are many other folding bicycle brands although these appear to be the three most popular brands.

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