Saturday, 9 July 2011

Going Extreme - eight laps of the pond in 2011

Shortly following last year’s Lake Taupo Enduro (2 laps), I pre-registered for 2011. I did not have to choose my category immediately so I had thought I would choose on the basis of what is left of my little legs when I return from riding 1200km in France. However, I have now received an e-mail to confirm my category before 31 July, and that would be before I leave.

Early Bird Registration

Thank you for making an Early Bird registration for the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge2011.

As advised your Early Bird entry was a preliminary registration & now that full registrations have opened you need to complete a full online entry using a VIP code to complete the process.


On the basis that the ultra-distance cycling is helpful for the “diesel engine” staying power, but not for responding to sudden accelerations and attacks, I had ruled out the Solo (153km/1 lap) long ago. So it had to either the Enduro (313km/2 laps), the Maxi Enduro (626km/4 laps) or, the Extreme Enduro (1252km/8 laps). After much deliberation I decided to go hard and enter the Extreme Enduro, for which I have been allocated bib number 9902.
Your bib number is: 9902
I have yet to ride a 1200, but will have three months between the Paris Brest Paris and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge to either regret the decision or look forward to improving my time over this distance. Usually I would usually prefer more variety by not circulating around the same course.

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