Sunday, 26 July 2009

Craig vs The Tour

The MapMyRide Le Tour Challenge had me out riding everyday in winter for the first 16 stages of the real Tour de France. Unfortunately, I missed the last five stages with an out of town wedding, and the gentle Wellington breeze gusting at 130km/h, which I felt was slightly excessive to be cycling in. Perhaps I am getting soft, letting the elements stop me getting outside to play?


Certainly, without the reward of logging in each morning to see where I came the previous day I probably wouldn’t have been out there putting those miles in at that time of year. The lure of this competition was awesome motivation.


I had climbed up to 85th in the rankings before inevitably falling down to 186th with no activity logged during stages 17-21.


I never worked out any obvious ways to “game” the system, to ensure better results for myself. My best results were on the mountain stages. I am sure that this merely relates to the lack of flat terrain to cycle on in Wellington rather than my hill climbing abilities at this moment in time. I was delighted with my best placing of 32nd on stage 7.


After a long period of doing more climbing on average than the real tour, as the real Tour hit the mountains I found myself falling narrowly behind on a metres climbed per 100km travelled basis. Including my commuting it was narrow victory to the ProTour – with 1159 metres climbed per 100km travelled to my 1135m/100km.


Craig Vs The Tour
Distance Ascent Ascent/100km
Tour de France: 3324km 38,533m 1159m/100km
(All riding July 4-26):
812.76km 9223m 1135m/100km
(Le Tour Challenge):
493.94km 4150m 840m/100km

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