Friday, 10 July 2009

Craig vs The Tour – Stages 1 to 5

The Tour is well underway with five stages completed. I have also completed five stages in the Versus-MapMyRide RoadID Le Tour Challenge. It has been a lot of fun and has certainly seen my mileage suddenly increase regardless of dark and cold of the southern winter.


It is always nice to find some sort of measurement in which you succeed. At this point, and before the Tour de France hits the mountain stages I am exceeding the tour on an altitude gained per 100km travelled basis. Ahh, the gently rolling Wellington hills :).


Craig Vs The Tour Stages 1-5
Distance Total time Ascent Ascent/100km
Tour de France: 511.55km 15:07:49 3,422m 669m/100km
(Le Tour Challenge):
96.59km 3:47:46 805m 833m/100km
(All riding since July 4):
269.48km 11:27:03 2,921m 1098m/100km


Surprisingly only 36% of my total ride distance has counted towards the Le Tour challenge so far. One instance of MapMyRide not liking the XML file data from my Garmin Edge 705, although Garmin Connect had no problems with the same data. Last Sunday’s ride also did not count, because it was still Saturday in the EST timezone in which the contest is operating.


I have been having a lot of fun in the Le Tour Challenge, currently placed 117th out of 9000 or so riders. I have no idea how their virtual model works out the results, but enjoy checking the results every morning :). But best of all I am having lots of fun spending more time out on my bike – even if it is winter.

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