Friday, 22 May 2009

Yearning for the distant sun

The summer sure ended abruptly in these parts. It has quickly turned miserable wet, cold with southerly gales for the past few weeks. My Garmin says I have ridden some 3000km since my last cycling post. You may recall that I had been suffering a misery of mechanical nightmares. The new bike, a Specialized Roubaix has returned me to the enjoyment of simply riding rather than lamenting on mechanicial failures and unscheduled cycle maintenance.

I've managed to get all around country with organised fun rides to Lake Taupo, Around Mt Ruapehu, Kapiti, Le Race (Christchurch to Akaroa), the Graperide in Marlborough and the R4 from Rotorua to Whakatane.

Regardless of significant miles logged, I was pretty unfit this past summer and have been a long way off acheiving any personal bests.

There has been some intent to actually train this winter, with some keen night rides interlaced with slothful slacking in the stormy gales. The real question is, will I hibernate and become more unfit during the winter? Or will I manage to get out training and come out fitter the otherside? I'd prefer the latter, but the weather sure is conspiring against me!!

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