Sunday, 16 November 2008

Tour of the Wairarapa 2008; Bitter and twisted and so is my frame

The 2009 Tour of the Wairarapa saw a change of course in order to avoid traffic, due to a clash in dates with Toast Martinborough. The new course took us over the chip sealed roads past Dryers Rock, Alfredton and Eketahuna to arrive back at Lakeview School near Masterton.

The embarassing slowness of the statistics are completely absent due to my absent mindedness in leaving my Garmin at home, but it was well charged while I ambled around this 113km course. Yes, the last 13km was free of charge, in this 100km event.

I broke a spoke again, after only about 25-30km, it really is getting frustrating. I even sent it to a bike shop to get fixed after last weeks failure. Paying for cycle repairs is not something that I normally do!

So I ambled around in a very disappointing 4:19:57 (26.08 km/h). This was a very unfavourable time compared to past performances. Particularly last year, where my result in this event was by far my best in any event I have ridden.
Tour of The Wairarapa
2006 - 3:18:13 - 30.27km/h on the old 100km course
2007 - 2:42:47 - 36.86km/h on the old 100km course
2008 - 4:19:57 - 26.08km/h on the new 113km course.

So what is going on, three races in a row and three failures. Not to mention two broken axles in the past year? Well, tonight I have measured out my frame and the rear stays are twisted 6.5mm towards the drive side. Lennard Zinn, suggests this should be less than 1mm. While I hadn't noted this in the steering and handling (at 10mm I may have?), it is most likely resulting imbalance in load across the axle. Hence axle breakages and spokes popping out on the drive side. Yes, my beautiful BMC Streetfire is bitter and twisted, just like me! I have no idea how! Such a shame, she was a nice bike. Hopefully I can get the frame replaced on warranty?

It is now only eight days until the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. Best I find a new bicycle this weekend! After that it will be a matter of checking the warranty terms on the frame. Still, thats not going to happen quick enough get me around the Lake. I'm sure I could always do with another bike!!

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