Saturday, 29 November 2008

Cycle: 2008 Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

I arrived with high expectations for the 2008 Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. This is the event that recreational roadies in New Zealand measure themselves against. Last year I had improved a lot with a sub 5-hour time, after a puncture on the start lone and early cramps or something in my legs. I also had a brand new bike so mechanical issues would surely be of no concern.

I was pretty happy with the way I started. If you are familiar with this event you will know most of the climbing is in the first 80Km. While I did not have my Garmin Edge last year I am pretty sure I was well ahead of 2007 effort after the first 60km. At this point, I was averaging close to 30km/h even though I had already done most of the climbing.

Unfortunately, I proved how much less fitness than last year and could boy maintain effort through the much easier second half of the race to the finish. It ended up a tight battle with my 2006 time, which was eventually lost :(.

Now after three times around the lake I have had two 5:34's with a more impressive 4:58 from 2007 separating them.

My 160km Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Results
2006: 5:34:38 ~28.7km/h
2007: 4:58:36 ~30.9km/h
2008: 5:34:54 ~28.7km/h

I'm determined to get back under 5 hours again next year. This lake is quite a sizable puddle to get around!

Garmin Connect doesn't provide options to embed ride stats yet, but
you can find my full Garmin Connect data of this ride here.

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