Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Father Randonneurmas Delivers

Thankyou Santa Mark Thomas.

I was hoping Santa was going to deliver the Audax Australia Checkpoint Magazine today, but he chose to surprise me instead .
Thank you Mark, and perhaps Santa is from quite as far north as the North Pole, as previously believed?

Mark, was riding on Audax Australia’s Sydney Melbourne 1200k where I had a bit of a spill after a collision with a wombat (more on this blog soon, or see the Summer Issue of Checkpoint Magazine). Aside from  five fractured ribs and a separated AC Joint on my shoulder, I did destroy some clothing and left a few scratches on my cycle. As I’ve previously noted, finding genuinely reflective isn’t the easiest of tasks, so it was wonderful to receive this surprise in the mail.


It serves an example of the camaraderie between Randonneurs around the world.
Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. Craig, I was going to send you a San Francisco Randonneurs jersey but then realized you're not my size…. ;-) Merry Christmas anyway!