Monday, 10 June 2013

RAAM it Home, Art!

It is June. This means only one thing. It’s RAAM time baby!

This is an epic race, with no stages, no domestiques with no contrived team tactics, nor team pharmacists. The strongest legs will win plain and simple. Some come to win, others come to finish this 3000 mile race, which is the pinnacle for an Ultra-Cyclist just as Everest is to mountaineer, the Olympics to a many athletes or a World Cup is to a rugby or a football player.

In the New Zealand corner for this years race is Art Schwencke (Team Riha) whom I met at the Lake Taupo Extreme Enduro in 2011. Like past years, I’ll be following the Race Across America very closely online, with a particular emphasis on following how our Kiwis are doing in the event. Bon Courage Art! I’ll endeavour to keep my spreadsheet of Kiwi efforts in the RAAM up to date as the race unfolds. The official race coverage can be found at (Microsoft Silverlight is required to view the live tracking).

I've tried to embed the key bits of my spreadsheets below, so they will display on more devices. If you have an overlap issue due to site styling, click here.


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  2. How about cycling today.. There are a lot of events in cycling, there a re for fun, for a cause and even for environmental.