Saturday, 15 December 2012

MTB: Skyline to Red Rocks

I made another feeble attempt at pretending I was mountain biker. With Mark who had recently arrived in Wellington, and is hanging out with with the folk  from the Wellington Tramping & Mountaineering Club joining in the fun. I must say, I am not (yet?) a very good mountain biker, and it certainly showed. We started with the hardest bit, as I described as “aerobically challenging” with the slog up to Mt Kaukau. At an hour for the first 3km, completed it wasn’t looking good to make it all the way down to Red Rocks.



Once over Mt Kaukau, the riding seemed to get easier and we picked up the climbs up Johnsons Hill, Makara Peak, Brooklyn Wind Turbine, and Hawkins Hill along the way. Not the fastest, but had a lot of fun finding new local territory to explore. In general the tracks in the mountain bike parks, even with their deliberate obstacles were easier to ride than lose rocks, and deep rutting we found on the shared walking/livestock/biking trails. I particularly enjoyed the end-to-end aspect of the route that provided a feeling of having ridden somewhere – especially with a contiguous route off-road route free of motorised traffic  (until the return ride home). Mark, told he me he saw more of Wellington on this ride than in the previous two months he had spent living here. There were plenty of views, and I should have taken a lot more photos while I was catching my breath.


It was a fun outing for the day and raises the question of why hadn’t ridden this ride sooner?


Mt Kaukau

Wrights Hill

Slightly contradictory set of signs approaching Hawkins Hill. Don't bring your road-bike, and don't run! But is a mountain bike a vehicle?


Air traffic radar on the top of Hawkins Hill

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