Friday, 2 November 2012

GSR 1200 Summary

The GSR felt like an eventful ride for me, so it may be a while before I have a full post of the ride up.
I struggled after the heat of day one, but managed to keep rotating and roll in, nursing what was left of my bottom bracket bearings in 89 hours - a whole hour to spare.

About 25% of the 1200km field was forced to withdraw, mostly due the heat. The timing of the 1000km start resulted in more heat, and 2/12 finishers. I struggled to keep going from Port Fairy with cramps, high body temp and barely able to eat. Mostly survived on soup until the weather turned and cooled down.

Some memories and thoughts from the ride:
  • Beautiful moonlit night after the 6pm start for the 200k loop around the Bellerine Peninsula, especially when the moon was reflecting off the sea in Port Phillip Bay.
  • Temperature control is impossible at 37degC with little shade and no cold rivers  to dunk your head in.
  • Too many electrolytes equals heart burn; too few electrolytes equals cramp. If thou are really special you can get both on the same day!
  • Keep on pedalling. Carrying on when you are struggling, can yield the benefit of faster riding when you feel better (or in my case when the weather turns bad "home conditions"?) and a successful finish
  • Temporary road closures are a good chance for a power nap
  •  Kangaroo slalom at night.near Halls Gap would have been even more interesting if I had been hallucinating.
  • Starting a 1200 on holiday and under a full moon reduces sleep requirements.
  • The vollies (volunteers) on Audax Victoria rides do a fabulous job looking after the participants.
  • Apple crumble & banana splits :)
  • Bottom bracket bearings can wear out fast during a 1200 if the grease runs dry.

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