Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tour of the Bay

The 2010 Tour of the Bay was a ride of differing weather with beautiful Hawkes Bay sunshine in Hastings and dampness in the hills. Seems to be a nice course. I would like to come back and maybe get more views over the top next time?

I started reasonably strongly but could soon feel a few of the wines in my stomach after a mere 25km. I had been staying with a few of the guys from the Onslow Tarbabies whom had introduced me to a different form of “carbo-loading” than I was used to the night before. This was very normal to these seasoned veterans, but as for me The Hawkes Bay wines were tasty but, whilst not being a tea-totaller I am a seldom drinker and usually I stick the brews which may have been kinder to my belly. Meanwhile, this was normal for these seasoned campaigners.  
Ride Data:
Distance: 108.72km 9292 Calories
Time: 3h53m24s 27.9 km/h (66.7km/h MAX)
Elevation: Ascent: 857m Descent: 850m
Cadence: Avg: 90 rpm Max: 115 rpm
Ride Data: Garmin Connect / RideWithGPS
Location: Hastings, NZ 17 October 2010

After the climb up Clarksons Hill and my usual uphill loss of the bunch I rode alone for a short time before riding small paceline for four heading heading toward Tikiokino. I thought we were travelling well but we were soon chased down by a large bunch that caught us after about 50km. This bunch circulated well until it fragmented a bit over a long undulating section where I dropped off the back at about 75km. After a quick descent, I slogged my way into the wind back to the finish.

Tour of the Bay Elevation Profile

This year I have twice ridden days over 300km, but today I was happy to make the finish at a mere 110km.

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