Friday, 26 June 2009

Invite: Moonlight Southern Crossing - Take II

Hi All,

Fingers crossed for snow on tops and then good clear skies. I'm gearing up for another attempt at a Moonlight Southern Crossing. Looking for a good weather window for one of the nights between 4-8 July.

Moon Rise/Set   Illumination%:
July 3:1:41pm/3:37am85.8% @ 9:11pm
July 4:2:22pm/4:47am92.1% @ 10:02pm
July 5:3:10pm/5:44am96.6% @ 10:53pm
July 6:4:03pm/6:36am99.2% @ 11:44pm
July 7:4:59pm/7:21amFULL from 9:22pm
July 8:5:58pm/8:00am100% @ 12:33am
July 9:6:57pm/8:34am98.8% @ 1:20am
July 10:7:56pm/9:03am95.8% @ 2:04am


Let me know if you're keen. Post a comment, or tweet me.

Would aim to leave Otaki Forks toward Field Hut, at about 3pm on a clear day between 4-8 July.


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