Thursday, 13 December 2007

Wind-trainers vs "Wind-Training"

4 November 2007

Spring cycling in Wellington is often a tale of woe. Possibly never more so than this year when it has been persistently wet and windy. Personally, I have found it battle to stay on my bike at times let alone travel at great speed. Journey's around the bays dropping to 9km/h on the flat into a headwind come to mind, let alone the northerlies as I've struggled up Ngaranga Gorge over the past two months.

Almost defeated, I finally succumbed and bought a wind-trainer. I have to say it is nowhere near as exciting as battling the elements. Wind-trainers seem best used in front of a good DVD. As a recreational road rider the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge is the event that I look forward to each year. I was planning to do a few events in the lead up, but the first event was cancelled due to wind. I am to this day not sure if I wasted more time driving to Featherston and back, or, if I stayed home and watched a certain rugby game.

'twas a blustery morn'
Da wind buffeted each and ev'ry way
Ride is on, Rain, Hail, Sun or Wind they said
Two ruggered bloke drove to Feathers
Only to find da stupid race was can-celled
Too dangerous they sayeth
What ya mean too dangerous thought Craig
For I've been riding in t'is crap all week
Oh bugger, the World Cup's been cancelled too.
All da way back to the bright lights of J'vegas for us
And bright were the lights
With bolt after bolt falling from the sky
As did our 15 demi-gods of national pride

Alas, two weeks later the 115km Martinborough Charity Fun Ride did in fact take place on a cool day with a medium southerly blowing. Back to the wind-training thing, I was absolutely gobsmacked to find myself easily gaining a 500m lead on a bunch in the slightest breath of wind. Still, just a recreational rider, but I did manage to take close to 20 minutes off my time from the previous year. Being out there battling the elements seems to be the perfect training.

So, I think its going to be wind-training for me all the way. Wind-trainer anyone?

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